Is cosmetic dentistry a luxury? Two dental procedures that wouldn’t cost you a fortune


Thanks to the multiple visits to the dentist’s office and the sophisticated machinery put to use, dental procedures have obnoxious popularity of being a privilege to the rich. Some people suppress their pains and dental decay signs to avoid dental treatments. But Dentist Stoney Creek has a different story to tell. The dentists here perform cosmetic dentistry at affordable pricing and believe that dentistry deserves coverage for all reasons. Read the Full list here to understand how bleak attention to dentistry in Canadians is putting citizen’s health at risk and the thousands of reasons why universal dental coverage should cover dental issues.
Canadians have a tough time getting dental care as they cannot afford the cost. Hopefully, the government may heed these growing demands and make dental health a vital segment of coverage. However, due to the widespread belief that dental treatments are unaffordable, people tend to overlook their difficulties and suffer a lot.
Remember, not all dental treatments cost you a fortune. Specific cosmetic dentistry procedures are in practice that requires only single appointments and cost you less. This article attempts to shed light on two such cosmetic dentistry procedures that can be done in a single appointment.

Cosmetic dental bonding

Cosmetic dental bonding is a dental procedure that helps repair chipped or cracked teeth. Although treatments like porcelain veneers and dental crowns are the most recommended procedure for teeth chipping, their irreversible nature and expensive treatment make cosmetic dental bonding an obvious choice.

Cosmetic bonding is a less invasive process than porcelain veneers and dental crowns; both these treatments require enamels to be removed to achieve a perfect fit. Apart from the non-invasive nature of cosmetic bonding, the procedure is cheaper than other procedures.

However, the bonding is not as strong and is prone to easy staining than its counterparts. Dental bonding is typically advised for small fillings or to fill small spaces between the teeth. Another disadvantage of cosmetic dental bonding is that they tend to make teeth longer or shorter when used with enamel shaping.

Here is how cosmetic bonding is performed

  • Cosmetic dentists choose the perfect color match from the shade guide
  • A conditioning liquid is put on the teeth for secure and robust bonding.
  • Teeth are etched, resins applied, and are molded to look like regular teeth
  • The bonding is cured with laser or light
  • The teeth are polished

Professional Teeth whitening
Professional teeth whitening is another cosmetic dentistry that has become an affordable treatment. The treatment involves two methods, same-day, and home custom trays. The clients prefer both methods as the results are significantly better. Dentists guarantee that the teeth can be whitened up to ten shades with these procedures. At the same time, they also warn about the inefficacy in cases of badly stained teeth attributed to high fluorides or heavy medications. Customers who have undergone dental restorations would also find this treatment ineffective.
The treatment takes almost an hour and a half to finish. A whitening gel is applied to the teeth to protect the gum. The gel contains hydrogen Peroxide that activates the laser. Dentists take the mold of your teeth and provide you with a whitening tray to take home. It takes about two weeks for the home trays to show optimal results.

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