Dental Issues That Require Immediate Attention

There are some dental problems that need urgent attention. In such cases, it is not a good idea to wait too long before visiting a dentist. You may end up losing your natural teeth. Also, it can even cause severe bleeding and excruciating pain in some cases. Hence, it is necessary to get the service of an Emergency Dentist Toronto as soon as possible. In this current pandemic situation, you might be wondering whether your dentist or doctor is vaccinated or not. You can check out the review here to know more about it.

Most of the dental clinics will be able to accommodate emergencies. You can visit a nearby dental clinic at any hour of the day or night to get help with an emergency dental situation.

Here are some of the urgent dental situations that will need immediate attention:

Toothaches that won’t go away
The severity of a toothache will be different for different people. Some may be minor and can be treated using the instructions on the packaging of the pain medications. Others, however, can cause restless nights and severe pain. If you’ve tried everything to alleviate the pain, such as taking pain medication, cleaning your teeth, and using the ice-cold compression technique, but nothing worked, then it is better to visit a dentist immediately.

A broken tooth
A chipped, broken, or fractured tooth can lead to serious problems. Hence, it is best to treat the problem as soon as possible. You can rinse the mouth using warm water and then take the prescribed medications. Before you take the broken tooth to the dentist, add it in saltwater and take it along with you. Try to get there as soon as possible.

Some people choose to delay seeking treatment for a broken or cracked tooth just because it doesn’t pain much. However, this can lead to issues in the future. Cracked or broken teeth expose the dental pulp to germs, increasing the chance of infection and decay in affected areas. This condition can eventually lead to the loss of a natural tooth.

Gums that bleed profusely
Periodontitis can be a common cause of bleeding gums and it can be very painful too. Periodontitis is an infection of the gums or jawbone. It weakens teeth and eventually causes them to fall out. It is one of the most common types of tooth infection.

The sooner you call the dentist, the better your chance of getting it treated. Remember- it isn’t easy to treat once it has spread to your dental pulp.

Soft tissue injuries
Soft tissues include the tongue, gums and lips. If you experience severe bleeding due to a soft tissue injury, it is best to visit a dentist soon. Your dentist can help you control the bleeding and ease the pain. If you need to have surgery or any other complicated therapies, your dentist may refer you for assistance.

A missing tooth
The most serious dental emergency can be a missing tooth. But, that does not mean that you should panic as soon as you notice it. You may be able to save your natural tooth if you take the right steps and act quickly. First, take the tooth from where it fell by holding it near its crown. Next, wash it thoroughly under running water. Now, place the tooth back in its socket by biting it down.

When handling a tooth, you must be careful not to touch its roots. You may end up causing damage to vital tissues that will need to be treated. Your chances of saving your natural tooth are high if you visit the dentist as soon as possible.